About Us


The most over-simplified description possible. But for those who want a full history, this ice cream shop was brought into existence by 3 friends who had big ideas and even bigger stomachs. Surprisingly, the idea was put forth by the one with the smallest stomach (for now).

It all started when our founder Kamran Mansha had a day off work and was sitting in the kitchen juggling apples, oranges and peaches (because of course that’s what everyone does in their free time). He watched the fruits in concentration, until he was struck by an idea. BOOM! An apple fell on his head. How about combining flavours to make your own unique ice cream?

After doing some research, he came across the quickest way to make ice cream, because we all know how long it takes to freeze ice cream the conventional way and “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

He presented the idea with a lot more detail to two of his friends, Ammar and Zohaib, who were a bit skeptical at first. So he threw an apple on each of their heads. They were very quick to agree after that.

After many brainstorming sessions, in October 2018, they managed to get the most difficult task out of the way: deciding and agreeing on the name NITROTREATZ.

Of course, everything after that was a walk in the park for the business minded youngsters and NitroTreatz was able to acquire it’s first ever flagship store in November 2018.